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Bags are packed and we are on our way again to the city of Bologna, home to Ducati motorcycles which we know the guys in our family would love. (Did we mention our luggage is always taken care of for us and waiting in our rooms at the next hotel? Good thing too, as our suitcases are surely topping 60 lbs each after all the shopping…) Happy as always to be in the very capable hands of our talented driver, Antonio.

en route

We arrive in Bologna to meet a new Local Guide, Tamera, for a city sightseeing tour. We started in the main square where we learned about one of the three symbols of Bologna—the first, this statue of Neptune, the Pope’s way to tell the Bolognese that he was in charge.

bologna neptune statue

Bologna is known for its high student populations, the second symbol of the city. We toured the university, Biblioteca communal dell’ Archiginnasio and its Teatro Anatomico where students were taught anatomy in the 1800’s. Here students would sit and learn for up to 20 hours a day on hard wooden benches to prevent them from falling asleep.


The third and final symbol of Bologna—the food! Once again we are enamored with the Italian food markets as we walk the bustling alleys, filled with fresh food stalls, bakeries and butcher shops all filled with locals picking up their fresh produce for today’s meals.

bologna market

What to do with our free couple of hours? You guessed it; we forced ourselves to do more shopping and more eating with lunch and great people-watching at an outdoor café.

mom bologna

After a few hours of free time, we headed out for another culinary adventure—an optional gourmet dinner excursion. En route we made a brief stop at the Mausoleum of one of the great inventors Marconi, who at the age of 25 was credited for developing the telegraph.  Side note: Marconi’s mother was the granddaughter of the Irish Jameson Whiskey founder.


We were welcomed with a glass of champagne on the patio for our dinner at Locanda del Castello. The surrounding property was originally built in the 1500’s as a rest stop for the Pope. Over the years it has hosted several popes, famous artisans, and most recently in 1997, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

inside castle property

Our gracious host, Marcello Dall’Aglio, patron and chef of Locanda del Castello, gave us an overview of our five-course dinner of all traditional area dishes made from fresh local produce.


First up, mozzarella flan on a raw zucchini salad and appetizers of morel mushroom quiche, salad with rucola cheese, zucchini flower fritters and ham with pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette. The second course was tortellini filled with ricotta cheese and green asparagus lasagna (we got the last asparagus of the season!). Then on to guinea fowl stuffed with tomato au gratin and beef fillet strips with parmesan, balsamic and grilled vegetables. The finale was a wild berry iced mouse with strawberry and grape sauce reduction. We didn’t think it possible, but we left more full than ever!

food pic

The drive back to our hotel offered beautiful sunset views…and some fun Italian music, courtesy of Giuseppe who is not only a first-rate Travel Director, but our new favorite DJ as well.


One of the nice surprises from our trip has been the wonderful people from around the world we’ve gotten to know. We closed out the evening back at the hotel lounge celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary of some fellow travelers, sharing local wines and lots of laughs. Congrats to Dennis and Cindy!

wine toast

Lauren & Linda signing out…Ciao baby!


4 responses to “Bologna

  1. Mar' Sue

    What has been the dress of the day for these dining experiences? Is there time to change for dinner ? Or is that necessary? Our “Flavors of Italy” trip begins in 9 days…..I can hardly wait. Your blog has been exceptional. Thank you for such detail.

    • Thanks for reading! You will absolutely love this trip, it was so well planned and everything exceeded our expectations! You typically always have time to change before dinner. As far as dress code, anything goes – some of us wore the same thing we did during the day, and for some of the nicer venues we did dress up a bit more (but all fairly casual). Your Travel Director will let you know about the venue too. Let us know how your trip is!

  2. Leila

    I have read your blog from day 1 and I think you should be a travel writer. You write so well that I get excited just reading your blog. I have been to Italy 5 x and I have traveled with Trafalgar 3x. I have seen most of the places that’s in your itinerary but sometimes I don’t see it the way you do. I don’t know if the Amalfi Coast is part of your trip but next time make sure you get to see Southern Italy. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Love the Isle of Capri and the whole Amalfi Coast.
    Mar’ Sue, there is time to change when you go out for dinners. Nothing fancy though just a nice evening dress or pants ( I would say business casual ).

    • Hi Leila, thank you so much for reading our blog and your kind words! It’s an honor for us to share our trip with other interested travelers. We really thought our Local Guides and Travel Director helped us see things the way we did during our trip. We didn’t make it to the Amalfi Coast, but it’s definitely on our list know as are Corsica & Sardinia (a new Trafalgar trip our Travel Director Giuseppe is leading). Thanks again for your comment!

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